Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week of October 25th-29th

Another week is about to start and here you can get an idea of what we'll be studying for the week.

Phonics - Abeka, indian mask
Writing - Abeka

Storytime - The adventures of lucky puppy, Queen of Halloween, Albert's Halloween the case of the stolen pumpkins, Beneath the ghost moon, city dog country frog (not written in order)

Art - 3D pumpkins, pumpkin frames, spooky spider, mini mummy, halloween bead infuse, feet ghost

Math - Abeka, A+ addition
Sight words - Sightwords flash kids
Science - Abeka, book making for chapter 1 studies (the senses)
Poems - A light in the attic
Social Studies - Abeka community helpers (Pastor, Police, teacher, store clerk, farmers) Manners

Bible - 5 minute devotion
Language - sign language
Speech - with mom

Have a joyful week :o)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week of October 18th - 22nd 2010

This week is going to be a lot of sitting down activities..Mr. K twisted his ankle playing around on the way to the car from the party store. He's a hopping mess right now.

Reading - abeka and readers
Phonics - abeka
Writing - abeka and science
Science - abeka
Social studies - abeka
Sign language - early signing book and mom
Speech - speech exercise with mom
Math - abeka and horizons
Art - craft list
Story Time - learn about strangers, That's when I'm happy, The adventure of lucky pup, fire engine to the rescue, how rocket learned to read
Morning chart time (Calendar, weather, flag, country topic, word wall

NO trips planned (other then Dr. appt) due to ankle and the next few weeks of busy time with FALL FUN

Have a blessed school week :o)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Week Oct 11th - 15th

This week we are doing some reviewing a few things (phonics, sight words etc.) and starting some new books. -->
We are feeling out the new books and seeing what pace works for the 2 of us. I am finding out that I need to put in another order for some of the optional charts/cards etc that I thought we could work around. But time wise I can't make the cards and charts and keep house, teach and have time for my self and family so i am resorting to ordering the rest of the optional supplies.
Our trip this week is to the pumpkin patch
Have a blessed week :o)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just one of those things you get to do when you call your self TEACHER

Last night while catching up on TV; I sat there cutting out little cards for the new calendar on the school wall.

update of the school wall.

Just a update on how the wall is coming along.
Stay tuned I'm not done yet but it's starting to come together

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our school area is getting a redo

Our school area is getting a new look. Our blog just got redone and now it's time for the school area. I have taken done almost everything and putting up some new things. Well here is the start of the re-do of our main school wall area. Looks pretty empty right now.
I am working on getting K a new work station as the coffee table is a little low for him as he grew 2.75" over the summer. We are working on saving for the Pottery barn cameron playtable it's the perfect size for our tiny house.
The kid photo's are being rehomed to another wall
the green baskets are our workboxes and those are used daily and help make school time roll smoothly. Stay tuned as I finish my decorating of the area....