Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Homeschool

Yes if you didn't know this is our school page. Which our school is at HOME. Yeah we are at home but we still have a schedule. We get up and get dressed and say the Pledge and have bulletin boards that are all done up each week.

We go on Field trips at least once a Month to some fun educational location. Yeah we even have trips planed to Universal for our Dr. Seuss week. How fun is that going to be? We'll tell you when we're done with it. Maybe seems weird but they have a whole Dr. Seuss themed area and we'll spending the whole week learning about Dr. Seuss and then ending with this life size area at the theme park.

I am spending a quarter of my summer planning for this next school year. Writing out lesson plans and getting all the books needed and getting bulletin board supplies and setting up the classroom space etc. So yeah Homeschooling at our house isn't just you do school work when you want to but a set schedule that we plan our events around..OK Not the dentist as he only allows under 8 in the A.M. But all other appts., Playdates, shopping, sports etc. around our school schedule. We have an Uniform for when out on Field trips that say our school name on them. Why? Because I think it's important for Son to know that when he is in that shirt that this is more then just out and about that he is doing a school activity. And also let's others know that we are there doing a school activity. Some places actually ask that students where school gear or a name tag that states school and teacher for protection of students. Makes them stand out to the crowd of tourist. Yes even HOMESCHOOLERS. Yeah we only have 1 now but in the future our clan will grow and then my 2 eyes will have a Major job to do tracking all of them.
So yeah our Uniforms will help me as well to keep track of son/children. Might as well start from the start of the school years. Now we do wear the uniforms at home sometimes but not all the time. At home would be worn when Evaluator's are here or school video's are being filmed.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Books arriving UPDATE

Horizons Reading and Phonics <--In the mail to arrive soon
Horizon Math workbooks <--Arrived today

Main books for Kindergarten will all here on our shelf's By Monday. Then it's just down to all the small things like glue sticks and drawing papers and flash cards and on and on.

Then Class room decor in the works is Bulletin boards <--Yes even HOMESCHOOLs have the FUN bulletin boards

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Books are arriving

The books are starting to arrive.

What books are here.

Horizons Math Teacher Guide..Workbooks are still in the mail
Horizon Health
Sight words books A
Homework Big book