Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week Before school

This week is busy and yet it's a week of relaxing for our student. No planned
activities for K but due to me needing to get things ready K is having to do a lot of running around. My plans are made for the next 3 weeks now it's just gathering all the supplies and Putting things in the right folder for next week. Now I am having fun as I am making all my example projects so getting to cut and paste and just have some fun activities to do while I sit in front of the TV on the floor cutting and pasting. Tonight will be file folder games for the next two weeks for our stations time. Then tomorrow I am hoping to get things all laminated and our bulletin board all put together. Wish me luck with all the stuff that I need to get down this week.

Oh yes I am crapped for time to get it all done as I was under the weather all of last week so lost a week of time to get this all done. YIKES but I'm feeling better now so that is a good thing.

7 Days until school starts

Student Photo's are Friday.