Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We took a Break this week

We have taken a break this week. OK not a complete break but a short break. I injured my foot/ankle this last weekend and well needed a few days of just sitting and doing nothing but rest my foot. Yup a very BAD sprain but no break. I am just glad to be able to walk again. 1st day walking was not even a question I was in a ton of pain. Yeah it hurt but not much you can do about it when you refuse to take narcotic pain medicine. Yeah I just won't do it. Seriously at some point of the night I sat up and held my foot up so wasn't touching anything and once the throbbing went i way I fell on the pillow and crashed for maybe 20 min's then finally i was out for a good few hours. Thank goodness I have a well behaved child to let me sleep in that extra 30 min's. When I got up some popping and clicking and I was walking with less pain but baring some weight. so yeah the past couple of days have been a little rough but I am now able to start getting my foot and ankle moving again. I am on light walking with brace at home only for a couple of days.

School wise we are getting lots of games in like checkers and go fish etc. and lots of math/ time4learning and some reading other then that we've taken the week off.

Will post soon about a few things we've been up to for school