Monday, June 6, 2011

Geography Week 1 and 2


June 8th - 17th

(Wed&Thur ONLY)

Our passports are made and we are traveling around the world this summer. For two weeks we will be in Mexico studying. We are not really traveling there just learning about Mexico from our living room. Stay tuned I will be posting weekly on our travels.

Day 1 we start with going through customs and getting our passports stamped and stopping in for some lunch before heading to the classroom for Leaning a Music, Spanish speaking lesson, animals of Mexico and some good ol'coloring.

Day 2 Music, Spanish speaking lesson, animals of Mexico, Mexico info, Craft time

Day 3 Music, Spanish speaking lesson, animals of Mexico, Mexico info lesson, Lunch time

Day 4 Music, Spanish speaking, animals of Mexico, Mexico info lesson, videoing and party

Off to the airport to depart for our next country...... Where do you think we're going?

The Pyramid or the plate?

Which one do you like better? Which one to teach with?

Well both of course. Since we already stated learning about the food pyramid we're going to stick with it and bring in the plate method as well. After looking at the NEW plate chart I am liking the plate chart. For the most part this is how I am going to teach K about the different portions and how they should look on your plate and the pyramid will be used to show energy levels. What I mean by showing energy sort of like a battery charging. As you eat the different food groups your battery charges and when you exercise energy goes out. Each portion has it's own graph to show energy in. Now what do you think about the new charts??