Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nasa Education Night

School on a Saturday!!!! Yes, ma'am we did count this as a school day ;O)
We are blessed to have NASA in our backyard and get to enjoy launches a few times a year.  Its Amazing to watch rockets to shuttle(2 yrs ago it retired though) and yet NASA puts on programs such as Education Night.  Truly amazing!
We started the night with signing in and getting a treat bag of NASA goodies.
As we walked the path to all the fun things they had some great FUN FACTS.  Those where fun to read.
Here K is starting his Astronaut training.  Building some cardio w/ jump roping, crab walk, squats, bear crawl, push ups and running back.  He was having a great time!

Here K was making an airplane with a foam plate and a penny.  Once it was built he had to test it out.

Next stop was learning about how the inner ear works in space and how it affects how you work in space with the big gloves.  Tough if you ask K.   K lost his screw and nut in space before he had a chance to work with it.  "Those gloves are too big." said K.

Entering the Asteroid field.  K thought this was going to be so easy.  Yeah, this was more of a challenge then he thought.  He redirected 2 asteroids.

The 3D printer was fascinating to K and his dad.  They sat there watching one printer making a bracelet and the other printer making a rocket thing (Little Black rocket)

Learning about how they are testing in space to be able to grow fresh food in space at the ISS. After we learned about the plants we went to listen and talk with an Astronaut.  Wow, talking to the Astronaut was fun we all learned some neat things.  Once thing we learned about that we thought was neat was how the space shuttle has to speed past the ISS and once the shuttle is pass the ISS the shuttle has to use its boosters to go up an orbit and slow down so that the 2 can connect up.  At the end the kids all got to meet the astronaut if they wanted and get a signed photo of him.  K's favorite part from the talk was the Astronaut told all the kids to "FIND WHAT THEY LOVE to do; AND NEVER GIVE UP." (NO PHOTO was too dark)  

Now we headed in for a treat of make your own comet treat (Marshmallow dipped in chocolate and graham cracker)
Then we went to explore the freezing temperatures of space.  The Marshmallows frozen were really cool.  Isaac and I had the most fun with those.  Take a bite and blow out the vapor when we talked.  Was just fun to see and experience.  K wasn't all that found of the frozen marshmallows.

Building a rocket and Launching it.  This was K's favorite part of the night.


K's 2nd favorite station was building his own spacecraft from recycled parts.  K ended up making his own ISS.  Loved watching his creative self come alive with this.