Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Day of Tennis

Chilling while the server gets another ball.                             K and his Tennis coach

Some of K's tennis pals             Awesome serve in action.  That's a hard feat at this distance at his size

Thursday, May 16, 2013

FT- Old Florida Museum

St. Augustine Florida
Spanish Colonial time period
Fort Mose 1565-1763
Ponce De Leon came to proclaim the land.   Guardsmen (K had this role, he took it serious) were on duty all the time to protect the colony. Chores such as emptying the potty also belonged to the youngest of the children every.  They had to empty it every morning.
Moving out of the house to learn about chores and games of the Spanish children
There was shells to crush, fences to be built, blankets to be weaved, holes to be made in wood, candles for light.  Don't forget they also needed to grind their own corn flour. Round and round don't pond; was the chant all the kids learned for making flour.

After the chores were done they had free time for a little fun of games.  K loved the game like checkers but you never remove the pieces.

Cant wait to go back there to explore some more

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Water Play with our homeschool friends

Recess water play day!
I forgot my camera so these photo's are from my phone
Kayden had a blast playing with the shaving cream!  Just an FYI though shaving cream & bright colors don't match, faded his shorts in spots.
Slip and slide was Fun!
Water balloon fight was a riot.  the kids had so much fun getting the moms and dads that were playing.  I wish I would of brought a change of clothes so I could of played.  Next time Kristi add me to the list of moms to tag with water and shaving cream ;O)

K had so much fun he ended up napping on the way home from this.  Wish we did things like this a little more often than once a year.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

FT- WonderWorks

Wonderworks Orlando
K was scared to go inside as he was for sure everything inside was destroyed as the building is upside down.  Once we went in he was fine until the DARK spinning tube you walk through.  He ran back to the end.  I ended up having to have him close his eyes and push him through that.  Other than those 2 things he had a blast once he was past all of that.
He even tried the ropes which is about 12 feet above the ground.  He had the sweetest assistant who worked with him so that he could try it out.  This was my proudest moment seeing him overcome something he was nervous about.  Esp, when I saw older kids turn around without even trying.  So proud he didn't let his fear take a hold of him.

The light board was really neat!  My  little ham held his breath while posing in the space suit ;o) he's a funny guy.  Both mama and son had a blast on the large piano.  Bubbles where fun but we only got our heads in a bubble before the bubble would pop.

Both K and I learned a little bit about the icy waters from the titanic crash site.  K left his hand in for 36 sec's and than he was off to the next station.  I on the other hand was still going after 5 min's but had to move on with K.  LOL!  It was cold but I didn't think about it being cold which helped.  We hit the water flowing up, still and down, earthquake station, hurricane force wind (K didn't).  We had a blast at Wonderworks

We spent 4 hours there before heading out for lunch and some shopping in Orlando.  We had a great time but next time I am asking if we can go in another way, that spinning tube was a little much for my guy.  With the fear of the unknown this isn't a good start to the wonderful adventure Wonderworks brings.