Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Our reward system for school

After the Years of homeschooling I have come up with our fuzzy rewards.  K likes to earn rewards; so after much  thought I came up with the fuzzy reward system.

I came across some sparkly fuzzy's from Michael's for under a buck from their summer clearance 2 years ago.  Snagged those right up!  I store them in a plastic bin from the Dollar tree and added a label. We don't have any issues on son getting into the Fuzzys.
When son is on task, or I notice him doing something kind that wasn't asked of him he is rewarded with fuzzy's. Get's a 100% is a 2 point fuzzy.  He has lots of ways of earning fuzzy's daily but there are also ways to lose them.

Once a week I bring the school store out.  Everything in the store are things that I find on clearance or toys that son would enjoy.  With the store son is learning the skill of saving vs spending.  There are a couple of high point  rewards that are there to encourage him to save for.

The reward box is were I put small ticket items that don't take much to earn.  Things like specialty pencils, erasers, smelly markers and small candies.
We have things such as small Minecraft toys, Lego mini figures, Mixels etc.  The store is always being added to as I see fun rewards to encourage.

I think Im teaching him that with hard work there isa payout.  We don't use money for school work that's a whole another post.

How I put points on an toy -
I go mainly by the price that I paid for the item.   pencil is 1 point, something that was $1.00 is 5 Pts.  Like Minecraft toy/Lego mini figure is 20 points. Mixels ar 30 points, we also have special time with parent of choice by self for 50 points, go out to dinner with parent of choice is 75 pts. Movie tickets etc. As son ages the rewards of course will change and pts will go up.  The system is only here to encourage and just for fun.