Monday, November 14, 2011

We're playing catch up

As of November 3rd we've been playing catch up with school.  I have a schedule for school and for the past 2 months that schedule was blown out the door because of personal reasons.  K and I have been working all day getting back on track.  We should be there by the end of the month.  YIPPEE we need routine in our life.

1st day back we had a airshow practice.  This was our favorite F-18 who gave us a pretty thrilling show before the show.  I wish I would of gotten it on video.  On his last run he flew right above our house and nice and low.  Freaked out the dogs but it was awesome.  Hubs knows the pilot so he was able to pass on the remarks from us to him :o)

Getting down to business with some writing

Practicing counting money combinations
mainly using the penny,nickles and dimes 
Practicing marking words and reading them

Week 1 of catch up is now under our belts with 2 more to go. 

Stay tuned for a video later this week

Have a blessed day

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'll be back this week

Sorry for the LONG time away.  We had some major family issues the past 2 months.  I could hardly breathe and think about anything for my in the home family that blogging was the last thing on my plate.  But it's over with now with a visit to the airport.  This last few days I just sat back and relaxed to re-coop a little.  I spent a some time yesterday (Saturday) getting things ready for some school catching up.  Yes we have a schedule with our studies that it's CATCH UP time.  Phew see you later this week with some school photo's