Sunday, June 2, 2013

Welcome to our school room

Welcome to
Soleil Academy
 Teachers Desk.  Don't mind the pile of papers under the desk that are waiting to be filed away

Favorite photo of son and Hubs with my lotion, hand santi, lip balm  this years field trip planner
Camera, pencil container, new planner, curriculum magazines, adoption fund pouch. Sharpies
Turn in box

Under desk
School Ipad, File (Student worksheets) Trash and our family and finance binders

                                                                       ~Our HUB~
                                Top to Bottom left to right
Teacher binders    Teacher books        Teacher helper books      Past year Binders    Current Binder
Student workbooks   EMPTY        His./Soc.S teacher helper books  Math/theme books  Classic books
Mon-Fri work boxes
Animals                   PlayMobil                LEGOS                   Lincoln Logs/Lego books      Puzzles
Play dough    Preschool learning games     LEGOS             Duplo Legos                         Games

                                                                   Music area.

                                                         Black shelf holds our manipulative
                                                            Art Area (For Now)
                                                     White book rack holds books that we are reading this week

 Our morning area.  This is where we do a few minutes of reviewing things and also where I do story  time.
Every morning we go over the date by writing it out.  I also will write a couple short sentences that son has to read and figure out.  Its normally a follow directions picture that he will do in his morning journal.  The Sentences are something that I have him do on his own.  Than have him show me what he got at the end.  Takes 10-15 min's for him to complete.
Clip board is on the floor but that will be hanging on the wall soon.  I use clipboards when son is in this area away from his desk.

Our bulletin board is just FUN!  For the spring I had son make the whole thing without knowing.  Just short lessons every day to the grand finale of the bulletin board.  He was super excited to see how I used his art work.  The Face was another lesson not part of building the bulletin board

Play table is just that a play table ;o)  There is another drawer but it's still in the garage

                                                          Our Library area. 
Had lots of books until I put them on the shelf and realized I didn't have as many as I thought.

                                                    from Left to right
Readers-2nd grade reading level      3rd-4th grade reading level    Holiday books <-- moving="" out="" p="" soon="">Fun hard back stories                         Random books                      Classics
SCIENCE (Space/Dinos)            Science (Animals, Bugs, plants)   Character building

Hope you enjoyed touring our school room.  We sure enjoy having our learning space