Monday, May 21, 2012

It's a WINDY day

As part of our weather Unit K made a windsock

He drew his family to decorate his socket and added streamers to the end to fly in the wind

 Here he is flying the kite he made in his homeschool art class.  He was so excited about this kite esp. since he made it ALL BY HIM SELF
Here's his windsock blowing in the wind.  Since it's made with paper we have it hanging in the house for all of the family to enjoy.

Such a Great Spring day in Florida.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

4 Caterpillars = 4 Butterflies

This week we did a unit on Butterflies and moths
and the best part of this unit was watching the whole metamorphis happening right in front of our eyes.  The caterpillars that we got were about ready when we got them so didn't have to wait for long for the change to start.

Here you can see the last two caterpillars finding their hanging spot

Once the butterflies came out from the pupa their bodies were all plump and when they were done they pushed out this red stuff that wasn't need for their wings.

here is one of our painted lady butterflies.  The inside wings are bright and colorful.

A great week of study and we learned a lot about butterflies and moths

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weather Unit

This week we studied about the weather and the effects the weather has on the earth.
We learned about the water cycle, tornado's/hurricanes, clouds, rain, the sun.

Here is a few of the crafts that we did through out the week

Look at these Cupcake earths we made for this week.  We had fun making them and of course eating them :o)

 My son who normally HATES to color took his time and colored the whole picture.  He was so proud of his work and so was his mama
We got to go over the names of the clouds this week so of course I had to put up the charts from earlier in the year.

Books we used:
Lightning it's electrifying By All Aboard science readers
Wonderful Weather ( we did a handful of the Experiments lots of FUN)
Weather  By Smithsonian
The cloud book By Tomie de Paola
Flash Crash Rumble and Roll By Lets read and find out science series
Weather (great everything book) By Caroline Harris
Wind By Acorn

I had found a great video on the water cycle but I forgot to write it down..Oops