Monday, February 28, 2011

The Winter is behind us now

The winter is behind us now and things are starting to get into full time swing now. When it's cold we kind of hibernate like bears. Living in Florida the houses mainly the older houses aren't built with a heating until with our A/C units. So long story we bundle up stay inside and watch lots of movies snuggling on the sofa staying warm.

With that said we have had a wonderful month of above 70 degree weather. We've been out in the yard exploring; watching the birds build nest, honey bees gathering nectar and the list goes on.

The Field trips are being planned and we are heading out to explore what the wonderful state of Florida has for us.

I have started the ordering of new school books for grade change coming up in a few months. K is getting excited each time a new set of books arrive. EBay is a great source for used curriculum for less then half the price new.