Sunday, May 31, 2009

In the works

We have found our science series..These are a few of the books in the series. This year we will do the Stage 1 set. Now our science will be more then just these books but we will be using these books as our guides through out the year. I found these at Barnes and Noble a few months ago but the more I looked for science books for Kindergarten the more I heard about this series and the more I just kept coming back to them. I am really excited to gather the books that didn't have for our science area.

Math books are ordered and will be on their way soon. After months of going through the many different Math books they have for Kindergarten we have chosen to go with Horizons.

My file cabinet is starting to feel up little by little..I am determined to get ready little by little over the summer months instead of having a HUGE rush in July getting ready for our August start date. I have started to write out our weekly theme list so I can build our year around that. I am excited for a new year..K is not use to schooling being out yet so he is asking daily how much longer until kindergarten starts. His summer sports, activity's start this next week so I think that will end a little bit.

Just a little heads up to look for in the near future.

I am about halfway done with our school LOGO. I can't wait to post more about the LOGO but I'll keep it under wraps until it's all done and maybe wait until our shirts are made. At that time you'll understand our school name, see our colors for the first time. Just so excited to have our Logo nearly done.

Have a Blessed Day

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