Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week of October 25th-29th

Another week is about to start and here you can get an idea of what we'll be studying for the week.

Phonics - Abeka, indian mask
Writing - Abeka

Storytime - The adventures of lucky puppy, Queen of Halloween, Albert's Halloween the case of the stolen pumpkins, Beneath the ghost moon, city dog country frog (not written in order)

Art - 3D pumpkins, pumpkin frames, spooky spider, mini mummy, halloween bead infuse, feet ghost

Math - Abeka, A+ addition
Sight words - Sightwords flash kids
Science - Abeka, book making for chapter 1 studies (the senses)
Poems - A light in the attic
Social Studies - Abeka community helpers (Pastor, Police, teacher, store clerk, farmers) Manners

Bible - 5 minute devotion
Language - sign language
Speech - with mom

Have a joyful week :o)

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