Friday, September 9, 2011

Getting ready for the week..part 1

Sunday evening after the mister is in bed, I pull out my teacher books, binder & files which holds worksheets.
I start reading the lessons for the week and pulling the worksheets (file folder by subject) that we need for the current week and then I put them into daily folders.  And insert new lessons worksheets (from binder) into file folders for the next week.  This method work for me as there are weeks when I end up dipping into my NEXT weeks lessons because son wants to do extra worksheets.  takes me just 5 seconds to pull out another sheet for him.

 These are our folders..simple folders work best for the weekly folders.  The two folders at the end are an extra work folder if he wants something extra to do at the end of the week that's not related directly to workbook lessons.  Which is a blog in it's self of what goes into the EXTRA FOLDER.  The black starwars folder is his HOMEWORK folder.  Yes Homeschoolers have HOMEWORK as well.  Well at least my student does.  Homework for him is normally worksheets he ran out of time to complete or assigned work that was meant for homework.  We use Abeka for Math, reading, phonics, language, spelling etc. and they assign homework on certain lessons.

 A little insight of how I get ready for school each week.  I still have a bit of pulling things on the day of but this is how I keep tabs on our work pages.
Have a blessed day :o)

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