Saturday, September 24, 2011

HOMEWORK for homeschoolers

How homeschool works for our school

Each day there is a given amount of time for lessons and seatwork for each subject.  At the very end of the day there is an extra seatwork time to finish up workpages that you didn't get finished.  If there is anything that is still not finished it goes into the homework folder.  This doesn't happen much.

Now every day I think of things that student needs to get some extra practice on and I put these into the folder.  Normally things such as flash cards that need to be memorized, sight words and so on but I try to keep it light and fun. And there is always 15 mins of quiet reading.

Now Abeka also assigns homework in the reading/writing/phonics dept every couple of days

The reason with the homework is to teach student to be responsible of getting it done without being told and turning it in the next day without being asked.  Which student has 2 grades daily with one for homework being turned in or not.  Another reason for this is so that dad can see what we're learning and for son to have that chance to show daddy what he can do.

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