Friday, September 16, 2011

The teacher binder

My teacher binder.
The front cover is where I put the weekly plan so that I can just glance at it through out the day and see what we are teaching for each subject.
 The back cover is where I have our details for our activities subjects.  Which these subjects need much more planning on my part to pull together the lessons.  I will get into those later this year.  

 This page is my attendance page.  Days that are colored in are FULL days completed, days that are blocked are planned days off.  As you can see the last week of August I had planned for it to be off but we ended up doing school a few days.  We don't have structured lessons on the weekends.

 This is our August month overview page where I write in field trips or homeschool get togethers.  Yes, August was a SLOW month but the new school year was just getting started down here in the South.  Most homeschoolers somewhat follow the public school schedule for finishing summer break.  We personally school year around with our grade change happening in August.
 This is where I store our weekly plans that are yet to come.  I try to stay 4-6 wks ahead so I'm not rushing through planning and yet I'm not sitting here every weekend planning for the next week.  I try to plan 1 weekend a month when the hubster has something planned with the kiddo.
 This is a general guide of our main books for the year.  I supply a lot with other books, movies, Ipad apps, shows on tv and so on.  Which I keep a running list of outside material behind this sheet.
 The grade sheet.  The pirate paper is just covering names and subjects
I purchased most of these pages from confessions of a homeschooler and edited them for our school 

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