Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Jelly Bean Experiment

What do you do with all those Jelly beans left over from Easter????

Put them in different types of liquid.  K had fun with thinking of hypothesis and than seeing what actually happened.  I gently guided him in this experiment but for the most part he did all the work on this experiment.  Yes new word Hypothesis

 The glasses all set up and filled with lots of different types of liquid.

 Found this at 2nd grade shenanigans

 K just got his goggles at Lowe's and he so had to wear them as he was FOR SURE that most of the beans were going to explode

 The test is just peeling away with vinegar
 look at this writing..YIKES he writes in cursive so much better but I wanted him to get some print practice.  he threw in some cursive letters in there though.
I was a little disturbed that the outer layer of the jelly bean had a skin that just peeled off with vinegar

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