Monday, July 9, 2012

Feild Trip: Ben and Jerrys Scoop shop

Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop

This morning out homeschool group went to Ben and Jerry's to learn about how their ice cream is made.  Since this is just a scoop shop we watched a kid friendly DVD on how their ice cream comes together.

The kiddos are asking questions about Ben and Jerry's before the video starts

Some of the yummy Ice cream in the shop.  pretty smart to use rectangle containers over the round ones we normally see at scoop shops.  To keep  the ice cream cold there is a block of ice under each tube of ice cream and the cooler it's in.  I believe she said it stays about 20 degrees in these coolers

Here the kids are looking at how they store their ice cream.  The freezer to the right is the bump freezer.  This is where the ice cream goes as it becomes ready for when the front cooler needs a refill.  This freezer is 10 degrees inside

The back freezer is -30.In this freezer they need to wear jackets to go inside it's just that cold.  All the kiddos got to stick their hands in to feel how cold it is in their.  I didn't need to stick my hand in I was in the back and when she opened it I could feel that Artic chill :o)

Kayden right after sticking his arm into the freezer.  He thought it was really cold but neat.  I asked him if he wanted to move to Alaska where the weather can get this cold and he said "NO but thanks for asking"

Explaining the waffle bowl/cup makers.

wiping away the waffle drips

This is how they make it into a bowl

Kayden enjoying his Chunky Monkey Ice Cream with Reese pieces

Kayden and his buddy at the end of the field trip

Thank to you all over at Ben and Jerry's that make this wonderful Ice Cream and those at the scoop shop and to Kristi who put this trip together for all of us to enjoy.

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