Sunday, July 8, 2012

Field Trip: Postal Services

At the Post Office

Here we are checking out where one of the families on the tour mail is sorted before being put on the truch for delivery

Some areas our postal workes have to park their trucks and carry the mail to be delivered.  These postal bags help them with the job

This is how the mail is sent through the air/trains/ships and than delivered on trucks to the post office that it is stated to go to.  At the end of the day this same cart is loaded and shipped out to our local sorting post office (Orlando, FL for us in central Florida)

Mail was just brought in from mail drop boxes from around the city.  These Postal workers are grabbing the mail and hand sorting them to local/State etc.

Hand this is what our junk mail looks like when it comes in to be sorted out for each route.

Be kind to your postal workers esp. when it's HOT they dont have A/C in these trucks

This is how the trucks are loaded daily.  each route has one sometimes two.  Around the holidays one route normally has 3-4 of these filled.

K and his goodies...

The Kiddos hanging out in the back of a mail truck

Thanks to all our postal workers out there for a job well done :o)

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