Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ooey Gooey art......8/3/12

Ooey Gooey art with the creative Kristi
we had the honor to join in this week with a fun art project with some other moms in our local homeschool group.  K had a blast making his own fish tank.  I taped it to the window and K had fun pressing on the GOO and finding all his fish.  The colors are fun as well with the light shining through it :o)
Supplies needed for your own Fish bowls
Ziploc baggies
Clear gel
food coloring
Fish foamies
Fish stickers
Water color paint
Fish bowl shape made on card stock.  each child needs 2 for each side of the baggy
Make sure you tape the top so that the bag doesn't open when the kiddos are playing with this fish bowl

The Finished Fish bowl
A little play time at the end of art class

The boys where trying to run up the wall

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