Sunday, August 26, 2012

We got Tadpoles....8/17

Our Tadpoles are here.  They are a week old and tiny.  I was thinking they would of been bigger but they are about the size of a pencil lead that shows when sharp.  We have 22 tadpoles to raise up before we release some of them when the time is right.  We are going to to keep a couple frogs for the school room.

Questions from K
What are we going to do with 22 frogs?
When they get bigger will the frogs eat each other if i forget to feed them for a day?
Why do they eat upside down?
Do they have fills like fish?
Not a question but a conversation K and I had
KK- When they start to hop i can have frog races with them. me- how are you going to know who is who? KK- I'm going to write numbers on them with paint, like on race cars me- I hope the paint is safe for frogs. KK-it will be because we look for products that are safe for me to use :o)

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