Thursday, September 13, 2012

Art Lesson Idea ~ The color wheel

This week we pulled out the paint and started to learn about the color wheel.  We started with a talk about our 3 primary colors.  K filled his cups and while doing this he was listing things of that color.  Such as a red apple,fire truck.the sun,banana, the sky and so on.  I than had already prepped a blank coloring wheel, that he would fill in with paint.

Now that the Primary colors where done we talked about mixing colors.  Before actually mixing the colors we did some guessing of what colors we were about to make.  We than started the mixing.   I lead him on this one but he got to add the amounts of each color and do the mixing.  As he did this we again listed things that share the same color. Pumpkins,grapes and palm trees (LOL only my kid) were his main answers.  Of course we painted our intermediate colors onto the color wheel as well.
for the middle I just let him mix whatever combo he wanted to so nothing fancy here other than he had a blast mixing the colors.  I could just see the wheels turning as he kept trying to get a different color by mixing yellow into the orange :o)

The finished color wheel to help us the rest of the year of art class

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