Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Math Centers

On Fridays we don't pull out the workbooks.  Instead I pull out centers, which are fun learning games!  Here are a few of the math centers we have for Friday funday.
This game is from Hobby lobby.  which is a great game to use your 40% off coupon on
Great for the 2nd grade and up students

This game is a hoot!  Trying to make seven with your cards and whats been played.

This is a mind bender game.  You place the pegs as the book says and than you have to figure out how to use all the pieces
skip counting mazes.  I heard a lot of Hey that's not right every time he had to switch directions.  we teach our kids to count going from left to right.  Make them think when they suddenly have count in the opposite direction or up and down as the number builds.

This was FUN.  A great way to work on number sense.  Knowing where to look when finding a number.  If you need 47 you should be looking up in the teens :o)  K loved figuring out the picture
Fundred charts from teacher tipster

Just a quick quiz.  I plan to just put a book in our math center tub and let K pick which page he works on.  As long as he's working on something Math than he's learning

a great book for working on multiplication by himself
Math centers can be FUN!

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