Monday, April 1, 2013

Our new school room in the making

Welcome to a peek of our new school room. 
Soft preview of our classroom ;O)
Teacher area.  Love this desk!  Went shopping for dry earse boards and came home with this desk.  As you can see desk is open all the way around.  This way I can call student (right now I have 1 but we are starting the process of adopting) over for paired reading or testing right at my desk.  Stayed tunes for another post just about the teachers desk.

here is our morning area!  Again another blog about this area once the area is completed

Our library went up today.  I swore I had more books until I put them on the shelf.  We have plenty of room to grow.  Laminator is in the pillow case to stay dust free (moved from a house that was insanly dusty) My plan is for it to be placed on top of this shelf.  Yes, for now the shelf is over lapping the door a little but that will be changing.  Stay tuned. 
Kaydens Desk area!  We will be ordering a new chair to match come the fall when PBK runs deals on desk and desk chairs. I'm way too cheap to pay full price when he has a perfectly good chair.  But, at the same time I have to have it matching or it will bother me.  (LOL!  Yes, this mama teacher needs things to go together).  Another post will be up soon on what the student desk entails.

The best storage unit ever.
Stayed tuned for details of each of the areas and others as our school room takes form.
Have a wonderful week

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