Sunday, September 29, 2013

Feild Trip: Mason Bees

Cocoa Green Market
Sept 27th 2013
We started off with a short educational video of different types of insects that help our gardens and wild plants.
The kids learned mainly about Bees and how they gather Pollen from plant to plant.  Kids also learned some main identifying traits of bees, butterflies, moths, flies, beetles, stink bugs etc.
Next we went outside to explore the garden looking at all the different types of bugs in the garden.
While outside the kids and adults got to learn about native Florida plants and how to keep our Gardens full of life (Bug life).  As the kids found Insects our guide would come and collect it into a collector so the kids could see the insect up close but the insect was safe. Insect is only inspected for a minute or two and placed back where they were. 
 Found some caterpillars and a few cystitis, stink bugs, bees of different types, lady bugs to name a few.
After the garden we were shown a Mason Bee house and told how to build one.  Now we are in the search of a nice piece of wood to build a house with to put into our garden.
The neat thing is each hole can can fit at least 5 baby bees.  As the babies are ready they come out 1 at a time with the front being the first out (last one in) male bee.  The first egg laid will be the last bee out and the bee will the a SHE.
Did you know that 55% of all insects are female??  So next time your calling a bug a gender say SHE, your more likely to be right.

We ended our trip with exploring the farm and looking at the cows, goats, European Honey Bee hive, lots of Chickens  and some fresh Pumpkin Ice cream.

If your in the area this is a great farm to visit and try some yummy treats in the store

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