Saturday, November 2, 2013

Unit Study: Apples

Apple Unit!
We started out by matching apples to the chart using the stickers on the apples. 
 100% WA apples used!!!!

Getting ready for the taste test!  Slices are ready to go.
I was taste testing along with K so there isn't any photo's of the tasting.

while testing all the apples I had K describe each apple as he sampled them. 
K's favorite apple ended up being the red delicious and Gala
My favorite was the honey crisp.
least favorites:
K- Granny smith
Mom- Red delicious
After the taste test I showed K the apple star.  He thought that was pretty neat.
For art we water colored a plate of apples.
(Art Lesson posting Monday 11/4)

We labeled the parts of an apple and colored. 

While reading one of our apple books we learned some neat things about apples  . Did you know a see from a gala apple may not sprout a gala tree.  In order for farmers to make sure their orchard grows the tree they want they cut trees down to a root stock and graph branches of the type of tree they want.
We learned how to graft using toothpicks. tape and a TP roll made to look like a root stock.  Not an easy thing for little hands to do by them self, but great visual for kids.

Books we used:
Apples By: Jenne Simon (Science reader)
Apples By: Jacqueline Farmer <--great 1st-4th="" book="" for="" grader="" p="" the="">
Picking Apples and Pumpkins By: Amy and Rickard Hutchings

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