Thursday, March 8, 2012

1st day of Science class

I have enrolled K into a science class with other homeschoolers at a local private school.  Every other week he gets to go and join in a class that's learning about the human body. 
Before he started school he needed a backpack.  We went out and he picked out his backpack; he was so proud to have his own backpack.  The day he got it he showed it everyone and had to wear everywhere.  Here he is in his beloved backpack getting ready to head out for his 1st day of class.

His 1st day they got an overview of the human body.  the class is full and lots of fun.  We are a few weeks into class now and they have learned about cells,bones, muscles and the cardiovascular system.  Since his class is only every other week we are also studying the human body at home.  We are working on a lap book to go along with our studies.  Which I hope will help K to hold onto the info that he learns this year.

Have a wonderful day

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