Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Legoland field trip 2012

 We had a field trip to Lego land Florida with our homeschool group.  There we're over 300 of us all from Brevard.

We got up before the sun to arrive at Lego land with the sun rise.  Our family was the first to arrive but the line of cars started showing up less than a minute later.

This is our group for the get moving class.  The kiddos in this group we're all in K-3rd grade.  They had a nice little class time learning about movement.  Than it was time to make groups of two and build a car to race.  K and his partner kept changing up their car until it was time to race.  Great teammates

once class was over we got to explore the rest of the park for the day.  Great park.  They really get the kids moving and thinking.  K loved the driving mini cars on a mini roadway.  They we're basically teaching the Little's how to drive and follow the rules of the road in a controlled and fun matter.  Most kid's didn't take it serious but K on the other hand was really practicing.  Looking behind him like daddy does and driving with one hand like mama.  What they pick up on when they are in the car with us.

They had some small roller coaster but for the most part they we're rides that you had to us your body to get the rides full effect.  a pedal ride that if you wanted to go up you better pedal.  a boat that you had to drive around a course (not on a track).  putting out a fire, they had to get their fire truck to the fire and put out the fire and than get back.  Lots of huge playgrounds for the kiddos to run and play. 

We had a great day from opening until 3 when we finally started to feel our 4AM wake up call

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