Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rockledge gardens Part 1

On a whim I took K over to the Rockledge Gardens as I've heard some great things about the place. We arrived and walked in and all I can say is WOW!  In fact cant wait for family to fly down and take them to this garden, it's just that cool.

As you walk around the garden there are lots of workers who KNOW the plants and willing to teach you what they know about the different types of plants.  They know so much I'm planning an adult field trip here shortly with the husband as we start the planning for our landscaping.
Fee is whatever you end up buying for your home garden.

The fountains

 K and i just loved this pond.  They had tadpoles near all those pretty lily pads.  I'm going to have to ask if they sell tadpoles, would love a couple for the classroom

 I love red doors and this one was no different. 

                          As you can see these plants have shade over them so they don't fry in the Florida sun.

there are road signs like this all around the garden.  This place is huge they even have a map that helps you find what your looking for.

A lemon tree..look at how gorgeous these lemons are.  I think I want a lemon tree if our yard :o)

 One of the worksheets we got as we studied Bamboo plants. 

 The Cactus garden.  Lots of close up learning went on here.  K didn't touch but he was in aww of all the different types of cactus

 Some upside down trumpets as K called them

K said these flowers look like little banana's

                                                    Some flowers around the garden
Even a little train track around a flower bed
 A grasshopper that K found and tried to catch.  Yeah that never happened but he had fun trying

Check Back for Part 2

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