Monday, July 16, 2012

Teacher Filing box

My teaching filing box and all it's glory :o)

Lets take a peek inside and see how I use my filing box

Here it is in a nutshell..or a filing box for that matter.  The first slot I just keep guidelines that I put together each year of what I want to cover within the school year (one for our Summer schedule which is a half day schedule and one for our fall schedule which is a full day 9 month schedule)

This is where I jot down ideas that pop into my head or I find online (Pinterest/blogs etc.) related to schooling
Also a great place to keep my school blog ideas
Our school calendar color coded for easy reading.  We school based on a 4 weeks on 1 week off schedule.  Just seems to work well for us

Math center plan sheets and or printables stored here
I also have one for Phonics but it's empty at this moment so didn't take a photo

For all the school related catalogs that come in are stored right here for easy access for when I'm looking for something for a certain subject matter.

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