Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Field Trip: Publix 8/13/13

Publix Field Trip
Yeah we all had to wear hair nets!  I was blessed with having to wear 2!  Homeschool moms rock as they not once thought twice about helping me get my hair all covered!
 We started the tour in the bakery where we watched a decorator decorate a mini cake.  The kids where in aww watching how fast the cake went from plain to cute.  All the kids got to taste some frosting which they enjoyed at 10 AM ;o)

                                                                   Next off to the Deli
 Asking questions about their favorite sandwiches!  Every one sampling a slice of white American cheese.

 The kids walked through the produce isles learning about how cold they keep the cold things like OJ (37 degrees)  These FL kids all thought that was cold!  They learned a little bit about apples and how many different types that the store has in stock.  They all listed their favorite potatoes, I heard French fries from one of the kids. K also learned that they get enough boxes every week to touch the ceiling of the store.  That's like 4 Pallets!
 We headed into the back where they kids got to see how they cut the pineapples for the cut fruit. Everyone got to sample some Pineapple.  YUMMY!  We also got to see how they store the produce in the back.  Not sure how they find anything it looked a little cramped but they just got a truck in.

                                                              In the Back
 Look at this Panty!  So much stuff.  The kids got to go into the fridge to feel how cold it was in there.  K came out laughing it was cold he said.  We than went into the freezer and burr that was cold.  I could feel it when they opened the door and I was a good 15 ft away from the freezer.  K walked into the middle and came right out.  He said it's too cold for him.  He thought it was awesome!  The kids got to see how they load the back shelf's when a truck comes in.  They also got to watch the cardboard compactor work.  Of course all children where kept a safe distance from all the working machines.

                                                                          Meat Dept.
This was K's favorite area.  He just really enjoyed watching how everything worked.  The kids where showed the machine that turns the meat into ground beef.  Next, they were showed a machine where they make the preformed hamburger patties.  Now comes the saw that slices the beef into steaks.  The kids also got to see how the meat was packaged down to wt. and wrapping.  I of course didn't get a photo of that.  Opps! 

One thing that was awesome to see is how each dept. showed all steps from washing hands to protecting their hands for safety.

Awesome job Publix!  My kid learned a lot

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