Saturday, August 24, 2013

Field Trip: Gatorland 8/20/13

Started the day off with a drive to Orlando to enjoy Alligators in a safe place.  A great place to learn about the creatures that live in our back yard (in lakes/canals)
Welcome to GATORLAND!

When you first walk in you get to enjoy all the young in's sun bathing.  This was by far my favorite pond to watch.  Just watching the cute little guys

                                                                  Gator wrestling!
Not as fun as I thought this was going to be.  However, we learned about how they protect their eye's in the wild from being injured.  Learned that an Gator can stay under water for 2 hours before coming up for air.  Gators top jaw is where they have strength where crocodiles its the bottom jaw.  Glad we started the day with this while the kids were excited to learn about gators.

                                                              An albino Gator!

Albino gators don't live long in the wild because they don't blend in with their surroundings and tend to fall pray to other gators.  When an Albino gator is found places like gatorland take them in so that we can protect them and learn more about them.

The feeding station.  Turkey dogs were on the menu for today! 
Looking at this Picture I have no idea why I wasn't thinking that these guys can propel themselves out of the water.  Guess they had enough hot dogs that they didn't feel like a hand and a camera ;o).  As you can see in the first picture there is a net

These two are the sweetest friends ever.  Just love their friendship! 

A hot day of 97 degrees but a great time with friends made the temperatures bearable.  Already, looking forward to another trip to ride the zipline.

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