Wednesday, April 2, 2014

FT: Marineland 3/7/14

Marine Land
Palm Coast FL
This trip was AWESOME! other than the 48 degree weather
The trip started out with learning about Bottle nose dolphins in the classroom.  We learned about the parts of dolphins and what they eat to the noises they make.  The classroom learning was about 20 Min's.  Once we finished the class we got to spend sometime just watching the dolphins play with each other and the kids at the windows.

Nellie was happy to see us.  She is 60 yrs old and doing awesome.   Did you know that dolphins shed their outer skin every 2 hours?  That's why dolphins feel the way they do. 

Its our time with some one on one time with the dolphins.  Our group spent time with Shocka and Hemingway.  Hemingway is 20 yrs old and Shocka was 2 yrs old.  We learned a couple of commands to do with the dolphins. We got to feed, dance and get up close with the dolphins.  Loved the hands on part as now we got to see things that we learned in the classroom up close.
Part of our group added the behind the seas tour and that was where we all learned about the other sea life that marine land was working with.  We also got to learn the history of marine land which started off with a dolphin named FLIPPY!  Yes, that sounds sort of like a famous dolphins name.  Yup the writer got the idea from Flippy!

This field trip is by far our favorite field we've taken and we've been on some awesome trips.

We've learned so much about Dolphins in general and dolphins right here in our own back yard.  Teaching us how things like run off from our yards can damage our eco system.  Dolphins in the Indian lagoon are only averaging a life span of 7 yrs when a wild dolphin not in the lagoon are averaging 30 yrs.

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