Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

Valentines day 2014
The day started with K waking up and receiving his valentines day gift from mom and dad in his chair backer.  the backer is from Pottery barn kids if your wondering.
Once K was ready to eat we made heart shape pancakes and eggs and strawberry milk.  K said it was the best breakfast ever.  Ha he says that to any meal that is made for him.  Just love his kind heart. 
Once we got some school work done K and I baked some cupcakes to decorate.  Red velvet with cream cheese frosting.  Than we went onto some art where K was learning how to make a heart stencil and how you would paint with a stencil. 

K said his favorite thing of the day was EVERYTHING!  He enjoyed the non-stop fun through out the day weaved within his normal school day.

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