Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Daily 5 the homeschool way

Here is K reading his daily 5 book.  Yes, I stole the idea of the daily 5 from some really amazing public school teachers.  I use this time to teach K that he can read to himself quietly.  When he's reading I am getting things for school ready for the day or reading myself.  We just started this 2 weeks ago so we are still in the learning stage.  One thing that son loves is that he can read ANYWHERE at our house.
When the reading to self is mastered (when we reach 20 Min's) I will start to introduce other area's of the daily 5.
Read to self
Listen to reading (Books on tape)
Word Work
Work on writing
Read to someone
Its a great way for student to work on some independent skills and gives me some prep time in the morning

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